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Clearcoat: Overview

Discover the benefits of Clearcoat for your vehicle's paint protection. Learn how Clearcoat enhances gloss, resists UV damage, and shields against environmental elements.

Clearcoat Touch Up – No Agitator

You might be wondering why some of our applicators don't rattle when you shake them. We no longer use the agitator that gives applicators that telltale rattling sound. TouchUpDirect uses an anti-settling agent in our Waterborne Colorcoat (green label

2K Aerosol Clearcoat

The TouchUpDirect 2k Aerosol Clearcoat offers the best protection available on the market. The can has been specially developed to contain two components within, that when mixed together, create a hardened clearcoat. This is a clearcoat system that i


Clearcoat is a requirement for any successful paint job. It not only guards against UV rays, chemicals, rain, acid rain, and any other hardship your vehicle may encounter, but it also contributes to the final appearance of the paint color when color