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Colorcoat: Overview

Dive into the world of TouchUpDirect Colorcoat, where precision color matching meets automotive excellence. Learn how our Colorcoat products ensure seamless touch ups and professional results for your vehicle.

Waterborne Touch Up - No Agitator

You might be wondering why some of our applicators don't rattle when you shake them. We no longer use the agitator that gives applicators that telltale rattling sound. TouchUpDirect uses an anti-settling agent in our Waterborne Colorcoat (green label


Many popular colors today are what we call Tricoats. Pearl whites and candy reds are the usual examples, but there are some others as well. Tricoats add an effect to the color that cannot be achieved with a typical colorcoat/clearcoat system by addin

Urethane Paint

Urethane paint is the old warhorse of the paint world, but it still remains an excellent product. Some older or less popular colors continue to be formulated in urethane when color matching with the newer waterborne paint system is unavailable. Ureth

Waterborne Paint

Waterborne paint is a state-of-the-art technology for automotive refinish paint. It offers better color matching, increased depth and wider range of colors, and a significant environmental advantage. What is waterborne paint? Waterborne paint is a pa