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Explore the comprehensive guide on TouchUpDirect's professional size paint options. Learn about their benefits, applications, and how to choose the right size for your vehicle repair needs. Perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


Touch Up Pen : Overview

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Aerosol : Overview

Discover the versatility and precision of TouchUpDirect aerosol products designed for flawless automotive touch ups. Explore our comprehensive aerosol range crafted for professional results and ease of application.

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Professional Size: Overview

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Accessories : Overview

Explore TouchUpDirect's comprehensive range of accessories designed to elevate your painting process. From precision tools to safety essentials, our accessories ensure professional results and a seamless touch up experience for your vehicle.

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Colorcoat: Overview

Dive into the world of TouchUpDirect Colorcoat, where precision color matching meets automotive excellence. Learn how our Colorcoat products ensure seamless touch ups and professional results for your vehicle.

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Primer: Overview

Discover TouchUpDirect’s Primer Overview to learn how to properly prepare surfaces for flawless paint application. Understand the importance of Primer in enhancing adhesion, durability, and achieving professional-quality results.

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Clearcoat: Overview

Discover the benefits of Clearcoat for your vehicle's paint protection. Learn how Clearcoat enhances gloss, resists UV damage, and shields against environmental elements.

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Safety Data Sheets

Access TouchUpDirect’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to learn about product safety information, handling precautions, and emergency procedures. Ensure safe usage of our automotive touch up products with comprehensive SDS details.

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Touch Up Brush

The Touch Up Brush is designed to handle small to medium-sized chips and scratches up to the size of a coin. While the brush is best suited for applying paint efficiently to broad surfaces like those found in a moderate scratch, it is also adept at f

Touch Up Combo

The Touch Up Combo is an innovative 2-in-1 touch up tool. Its dual applicators are built-in for the flexibility to handle any variety of small, light damages that your vehicle may sustain. This single convenient device provides the precision of the T