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Color Match GuaranteeUpdated 6 months ago


New to TouchUpDirect? Learn more about Color Match Guarantee in this video:



To initiate a new Color Match claim, click here.


About Our Color Match Guarantee

At TouchUpDirect, all our paints are made-to-order according to the manufacturer's original formula. Occasionally, a color delivered to you may not match the color of your vehicle. This indicates something went amiss between the color selection on our website and the order reaching your destination. 

This is where our Color Match Guarantee comes into play – we will help diagnose the issue, and where necessary, we will send a courtesy replacement to better match your vehicle.

Please keep in mind that there is a 45-day window from the date of your order's arrival to initiate your Color Match Guarantee claim.


To Initiate a Claim

  1. First, submit the form on this page so our Support Team can get started reviewing your claim!
    1. This helps us confirm that the color code you ordered matches the actual color code of your vehicle. If it does, we'll ask you to send a photo of you using your test card so that we can see the results side-by-side. Please follow these instructions for the proper use of your test card.
  2. Our paint technicians will diagnose the issue and either issue a replacement, or give you tips for reapplication.

Please allow our team 24 hours to triage your claim submission and provide next steps.


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