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How Much Paint Do I Need?Updated 2 days ago

Reference the information below. Don't forget you need to purchase the equivalent amount all the way across, this means that you will need 2 cans of clear coat to go along with those 2 cans of the base and if the primer is needed you would need 2 as well. 

Note: The parts of This reference that need to be completely repainted, if you are touching up areas on these parts you will most likely need less paint.


Hood: 3-4 Aerosol Kits or  1 Pint

Fender: 2 Aerosol Kits or ½ Pint

Bumper: 2-3 Aerosol Kits or 1 Pint

Roof: 3-4 Aerosol Kits or 1 Pint

Wheel: 1 Aerosol Kit

Trunk: 3 Aerosol Kits or 1 Pint

Door: 2 Aerosol Kits or 1 Pint

Truck Tailgate: 2 Aerosol Kits or 1/2 Pint

Truck Fender/Bed Side: 3 Aerosol Kits (Minimum) or 1 Pint (Minimum)

Truck Bed (Inside): 1 Quart (entire inner area) 

Roll Pan: 2 Aerosol Kits or 1/2 Pint



Cruiser Full Dresser: 2 Quarts (All painted surfaces)

Saddlebag: 2 Aerosol Kits each or 1 Pint for both

Trunk: 2-3 Aerosol Kits or 1 Pint

Fairing Kit: 3 Aerosol Kits minimum or 1 Pint minimum

Fender: 1-2 Aerosol Kits or a ½ pint

Leg Shield: 1 Aerosol Kit

Side Cover/Battery Cover: 1 Aerosol Kit (will have paint leftover)


Standard Cruiser: (3 Parts) 1 Quart

Tank: 2-3 Aerosol Kits or 1 pint

Fenders: 2 Aerosol Kits for rear, 1 aerosol kit for front / 1 pint for both

Larger Fenders: 2 Aerosol Kits front & 2 Aerosol Kits rear / 1 pint total


Sports Bike: 1 Quart

Tail: 1 Aerosol Kit

Gas Tank: 2 Aerosol Kit / ½ pint

Fairing: (3 pieces- Upper, Belly Pan, Side): 2 Aerosol Kits each part / 1 pint and a ½ pint


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