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How to Use Brush ColorcoatUpdated 6 months ago

The colorcoat is the actual color you are painting. Colorcoat is not designed to be a filler, and it is not recommended to apply more than 2-3 coats.

The TUD Colorcoat will not appear correct until both paint has dried and clearcoat has been applied. Use the test card (included with each order) prior to doing the actual repair so that you can check your color first and have practice on applying the paint.

  1. Clean the entire vehicle or part with soap and water to remove surface dirt. Be sure to rinse and dry the surface thoroughly. Remove any remaining contaminants by lightly wiping the area with the TUD Wax and Grease Remover.
  2. Tape off the area to be painted. Taping creates a boundary to protect the non-damaged area from any touch up work.
  3. Hold the container with the black brush cap pointing up. Twist to open. Remove excess paint by lightly dragging the brush along the inside opening as you remove it from the container.
  4. Prior to the first coat, and between all additional dried coats, use a TUD Tack Cloth to wipe away any dust contaminants. Lightly brush the colorcoat onto the area to be painted. Cover the area thoroughly and allow it to dry for 15 minutes between coats. Repeat this process applying 2-3 coats of colorcoat or until the area is covered.
  5. If your color is a tricoat, repeat step 4, using the applicator labeled “Midcoat”, also for 2-3 coats. 
  6. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before applying the clearcoat.
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