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How to Use Polishing CompoundUpdated 8 months ago

The polishing compound will add additional luster and shine to any painted surface, including a newly touched up finish. Use the polishing compound no sooner than 48 hours after completing your paint project.  

To use the polishing compound, you will need a clean, soft cloth. Open the packet of polishing compound, and apply a small amount onto the cloth. Using a continuous circular motion, rub the compound onto the area you are polishing. The compound will slowly and safely remove mild scratches and sanding marks in the finish. You can use it as much as necessary.

If you have an orbital polisher or a hand drill polishing pad, the compound will work with them as well.

The polishing compound has mild abrasives that polish the finish it’s applied to. The abrasives are safe for any finish and will not damage existing paint. If you have multiple or deep scratches, the polishing compound may not be aggressive enough to remove them. In this case you may need to first wetsand with 3000-5000 grit sandpaper before following with the application of the polishing compound.

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