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Paint Coverage for AerosolUpdated 7 months ago

This document is a guide to understanding the coverage to be expected from TouchUpDirect Aerosol Cans.  This document covers Primer, Waterborne Color, and Clearcoat.


Primer:  One can of TouchUpDirect Aerosol Primer will cover approximately 7 square feet.  This is with 3 coats of primer applied with proper coverage.  The hood in Fig. 1 was previously painted white with some bare spots and some small areas of TUD Putty applied.  The primer fully covers all areas of the hood and is ready for sanding.



Colorcoat: One can of TouchUpDirect Colorcoat will yield approximately 3 square feet of coverage.  NOTE:  Coverage varies immensely dependent on color.  Please take a look at the guide below.  The color used in Figure 2 is the Ford Cyber Orange basecoat.  This is one of the poorest covering colors in our catalog.  It required 4 coats to cover the 3 square feet on the hood. 


Coverage Guide:

  • Yellows, oranges, and light greens or light blues offer the least coverage and should be expected to yield 3-4 square feet per can of color.  Generally, 4 coats are required.
  • Bright reds, whites, and solid (non-metallic) grays offer medium coverage and should be expected to yield 5-6 sure feet per can of color.  Generally, 3-4 coats are required.
  • Blacks, dark blues, dark grays, silvers, and dark greens, offer the best coverage and should be expected to yield 7-8 square feet per can of color.  Generally, 3 coats are required.



Clearcoat:  One can of TouchUpDirect Clearcoat will yield approximately 5 square feet of coverage.  Generally, 3 coats of Clearcoat are required.  More than 3 coats are not recommended to avoid excessive film build.  Figure 3 is 3 square feet of Clearcoat coverage with 3 coats.  We then applied Clearcoat to two additional square feet to ensure a minimum of 5 square feet of coverage from 1 can of Clear.  Figure 3 shows a properly Clearcoated hood.





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