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Tack ClothUpdated 7 months ago

Anytime you’re about to spray paint, use a tack cloth, specifically the TUD Tack Cloth. We’ve recently developed a newly formulated tack cloth that is not overly tacky yet will grab any dust that may have settled on your paint project.

But what is a tack cloth? It’s a great tool to help achieve a cleaner, smoother paint finish. It’s a cloth that has been treated to create a slightly sticky or tacky effect. When swathed lightly over the surface of your paint job just before spraying, that tackiness will pick up any tiny pieces of dust that you might not see now but very well could when the paint job is done.

Usually, a tack cloth isn’t needed for smaller touch-up jobs, but it never hurts. We highly recommend using a tack cloth with any aerosol or professional paint project you embark on. 

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