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Placing an Order

Get information on how to place an order, shipping questions and finding the right color


How to Order

Learn how to place an order with TouchUpDirect for your automotive touch up paint needs. This guide provides easy-to-follow steps, payment options, shipping details, and more to ensure a seamless ordering process.

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Shipping Inquiries

Get answers to common questions about shipping with TouchUpDirect. Learn about shipping methods, delivery times, tracking orders, and more.

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How Much Paint Do I Need?

Reference the information below. Don't forget you need to purchase the equivalent amount all the way across, this means that you will need 2 cans of clear coat to go along with those 2 cans of the base and if the primer is needed you would need 2 as

How to Find My Color Code?

The best way to ensure that your automotive touch-up paint color matches is by verifying the color code. Browse Popular Automotive Makes. Color codes can be located in the Service Identification Sticker. See sample photo from a Ford vehicle below:. I