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How to Use the Test CardUpdated a month ago

Every TouchUpDirect paint order includes a test card. The test card is the recommended way to check that you have received the correct paint before applying it to your paint project. 

Benefits of Using the Test Card

  • Confirms the correct color was ordered/delivered
  • Provides practice for color application
  • Saves time and prevents potential project issues

BEFORE applying paint to your paint project:

  1. Apply paint to test card
    With whatever size applicator you have, simply apply a small amount of paint to the surface of the test card. You’ll need to apply 2-3 coats of the color, allowing 15 minutes for the paint to dry between coats. 

  2. Apply clearcoat
    Apply clearcoat on top of the color and allow 15+ minutes to dry.

  3. Compare the color
    Hold the completed test card up to your vehicle. If it matches the original paint on your vehicle, you are ready to proceed with your paint project. If it does not look correct, contact us immediately at [email protected].
  • Don’t skip the clearcoat, or the match won’t be accurate. The clearcoat transforms the look of the paint and gives it the final appearance that you would see on your vehicle.
  • You do not need a lot of paint to properly use the test card. Just a small area allows you to compare the test card with the desired color.  

The test card is very important, and we highly recommend using it. It can save a lot of time and trouble if there is an error in any regard to your order. We are always ready and willing to help with any color issue, and the test card is a great tool to help diagnose and prevent further issues.   

Remember, we want you to love your match, or we’ll make it right. Learn more about the 
TouchUpDirect Color Match Guarantee.

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