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Help! The Paint I Received Doesn’t Match My VehicleUpdated 6 months ago

If you believe you received the wrong color, we can help! 

We ask that you always first test the color on the included test card. If the color isn't correct, you’re protected with the 
TouchUpDirect Color Match Guarantee.

Testing confirms whether the paint color you received matches your actual vehicle color.

If the resulting test card doesn’t match your vehicle, contact our customer support team so that we can quickly send you the correct replacement. We will rectify the issue using the following information:

  • Does the product color code match the color code on your vehicle? (See how to find my color code)
  • Provide a photo of the test card next to your vehicle
  • What are the observed color differences (eg. too dark, too light, etc)?
  • What is your vehicle year/make/model?

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