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Accessories : Overview

Explore TouchUpDirect's comprehensive range of accessories designed to elevate your painting process. From precision tools to safety essentials, our accessories ensure professional results and a seamless touch up experience for your vehicle.

Scratch & Chip Putty

Our Scratch & Chip Putty is created for all those moments where the damage is too deep to paint over. When your car has pits, holes, or deep scratches, fill the gaps with TouchUpDirect Scratch & Chip Putty before you start painting. No mixing or diff

Tack Cloth

Anytime you’re about to spray paint, use a tack cloth, specifically the TUD Tack Cloth. We’ve recently developed a newly formulated tack cloth that is not overly tacky yet will grab any dust that may have settled on your paint project. But what is a

Wax and Grease Remover

Using the TUD Wax and Grease Remover Wipe is a great way to be sure the surface you’re about to paint is completely and thoroughly clean. Washing with soap and water prior to a paint project is a great idea, no doubt. But not all residue comes when y

Polishing Compound

Using the TUD Polishing Compound is a great way to restore or enhance the gloss of painted surfaces. Our polishing compound contains mild abrasives that will remove water spots, acid rain contaminants, extra fine sanding scratches, and even minor cle